World Building: Project Muta

In a world recovering from the brink of death, Velvet, a confident young woman, investigates a mysterious neighboring forest after a mutated villager attacks. She happens upon a strange and magical place in the heart of the forest filled with mutated people and realizes the forest is changing her too. Upon returning to her town she sees the Jum Kingdom has invaded, they are confiscating the lumberer’s body and clearing more forest. She fails to prevent them from burning part of the forest, but is spurred on to unite the village and forest people in protecting the forest, their livelihood and escaping the tyranny of the Jum Kingdom.


Scene 1

A strong young women, clearly a hunter, can be seen using a spear to fish in a large river on the outskirts of a small town in a lush hilly area. A noise interrupts her lunge as she nearly slips into the water. The girl peers over at the origin of the noise slightly annoyed, but quickly realizes something is wrong and rushes toward the commotion close to the village. Upon approaching she sees two injured farmers and several more attempting to save them from what looks like a deformed, yet very strong man swinging an axe. Velvet, prevents his strike from landing on one of the other farmers and attempts to make the attacker flee by lunging several times at him. The mutated man ignores her attempts and swings his misshapen axe at her. She dodges to the side just making it clear of the blade.


Plot Outline

Part 1: Mysterious Forest

  • Lost Farmer

  • Forest Investigation

  • Kingdom Invasion

Part 2: Leafy Neighbors

  • Forest Mutas

  • Soldiers Chase

  • Muta Village

Part 3: Jum Fire

  • Burning the Forest

  • Regroup

Part 4: Conquest of Trees

  • Jum Invades

  • Overwhelm

  • Enemies Insides & Out

Part 5: Experiments with Life

  • Secret Weapon

  • Seeds Defense

  • Bearing Fruit

Conclusion Part 6: Weeds in the Cracks

  • Dismantle the Fence

  • Return